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We are providing the best offers to ship from usa to any place in iraq.

Shipping: We provide 10-25% discount for shipping cost via our contracts with local and international carriers.
Insurance: We provide you full insurance for your purchases until you get it in your hands via our contracts with the global insurance companies in the state.

What is my benefit?
1. No need to have e-Payments ways like credit/debit cards, you'll pay it cash via our agents.
2. The right to accept of decline our offers after sending your requests.
3. 5% only for 1.Sales Tax 2.Insurances 3.Customs clearance.
4. Best prices 10-25% discount for shipping to anywhere in Iraq.
5. Full insurance for your shipment.
6. Ship your shipment to anywere inside of Iraq withing 6-12 business days.

How can I get started?
2. Send your request.
3. You'll get our offer within 24-48 hours.
4. Accept or decline our offer "Quote".
5. If you Accept, we'll email you the official copy of our quote contain all details.
6. If you decline we'll suggest to you another ways to ship your shipment.